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accumulation of apoptotic intermediates
apoptosis absent
apoptosis distribution is clustered
apoptosis increased
apoptosis reduced
Chromatin Condensation
chromatin decondensed in proximal oocytes
chromatin decondensed throughout gonad
chromatin hypercondensed in oocytes
oocyte chromatin abnormally condensed
pachytene chromatin abnormally condensed
Compartment expansion
abrupt compartment expansion
delayed compartment expansion at turn
incomplete compartment expansion at turn
no compartment expansion at turn
premature compartment expansion- compartments still visible
premature compartment expansion- no syncytial compartments in imaged region
Compartment structure distal to or at turn
anucleate compartments at turn
budded compartments present in surrounding sheath, at turn
budded compartments present in surrounding sheath, distal to turn
compartment junctions irregular distal to turn
compartments absent distal to turn
compartments distal to turn vary in size
enlarged compartments distal to turn
internal compartments in rachis distal to turn
partitions absent at turn
partitions incomplete in pachytene region
partitions incomplete throughout distal region
ring canal absent distal to turn
rounded compartments distal to turn
small compartments proximal to turn
vesiculation at turn
vesiculation in compartments distal to turn
gonad size/structure
degenerate gonad
distal constrictions in gonad
extraneous germline material of unknown origin
gonad pathfinding defect
L4-like gonad
small gonad
internal membranes
Internal PI4,5P2 debris
Internal PI4,5P2-labelled punctate structures
internal PI4,5P2-labelled ring structures
nuclear PI4,5P2 accumulation
peri-nuclear PI4,5P2 accumulation
PI4,5P2 accumulation in cytoplasm or nucleus- general
soluble PI4,5P2 in proximal oocytes
soluble PI4,5P2 in the rachis
soluble PI4,5P2 throughout gonad
Meiotic progression
absent diplotene
pachytene extends to turn
pachytene region interupted with abnormal nuclear stage
pachytene throughout gonad
premature diakinesis
progression through diplotene abnormal
randomized nuclear stages
shortened diakinesis region
shortened diplotene region
anucleate compartments or oocytes
multinucleated compartments
multinucleated oocytes
nuclear clustering
nuclear position
nuclear fallout
nuclear spacing disrupted prior to expansion
nuclei irregularly positioned in compartments
nuclei irregularly positioned in proximal ooctyes
nuclei unevenly distributed
nuclear size
proximal nuclear size large (>140% normal)
proximal nuclear size moderately large (>120% normal)
proximal nuclear size moderately small (<70% normal)
proximal nuclear size small (<50% normal)
proximal nuclear size tiny (<20% normal)
Nuclear Structure
diakinesis nuclei fail to enlarge
fragmented nuclei
irregular nuclear shape
pachytene nuclei enlarged
decreased oocyte number
increased oocyte number
irregular size oocytes
no oocytes formed
oocyte budding delayed
oocyte juctions irregular
oocytes large
oocytes rounded
oocytes small
proximal oocytes deformed
proximal oocyte(s) lack partitions
rachis structure
absent rachis
convoluted rachis
enlarged vesicles at proximal end of rachis
narrow rachis
rachis constriction in proximal region is delayed
vesiculated rachis
wide rachis
wide rachis, extends to gonad surface